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  • CursosWe offer various free language courses for a wide variety of languages. The courses are generally made up of a few lessons, in which there will be grammar and vocabulary, and often also some exercises. Most of the courses are intended for beginners.
  • VideosHere you can find all kinds of videos about language, including video lessons.
  • Áudio e Podcasts(vídeo+áudio)Audio clips, podcasts, and audio books are hosted in this category.
  • GramáticaIn this category, we have grammar references in various forms, for a wide variety of languages.
  • DicionáriosWhen you are confronted with a word you do not know, chances are you can find a dictionary here in which you can look it up.
  • Pronúncia e Sistemas de EscritaIf you want to learn more about the pronunciation and/or script of a certain language, you may find what you need in this category.
  • VocabularioHaving a good vocabulary is essential when learning a language. Here, you can find multi-lingual word lists that can help you.
  • Guias de ConversaçãoAnalogous to the various phrasebooks that are sold in bookstores, we have our very own digital versions in which you can easily look up common phrases in multiple languages.
  • HistóriasIn this category you will find various small multilingual stories that are intended to help the learner acquire and practise a language.
  • Jogos e ExercíciosComputer Aided Language Learning opens up various possibilities for interactive language learning that go beyond what traditional text-books can do. So here you can find various games and exercises that are intended to help you practise and learn a language.
  • Assistente de VocabulárioTest and train your vocabulary skills in an interactive multiple-choice quiz.
  • ExercíciosHere you will find Fill-in Exercises, otherwise known as Gap Exercises. In these exercises, certain words have been omitted and it is up to you to fill in the correct word. It is an excellent means to practice languages!
  • LinguísticaHere you can find resources of a more linguistic nature, such as charts illustrating the various language families.
  • ArtigosThis category features a number of articles that may or may not be directly tied to languages or language acquisition. Some of them relate to cultures, others relate to the UniLang community itself. Most of them come from our e-magazine, Babel Babble.
  • ResenhasWe have several book reviews and website reviews for you here.
  • Boletins e ComunicaçãoLinks to Newspapers, TV stations and radio stations appear in this category.
  • Ferramentas e software (tudo ONLINE)Online tools or downloadable software can be an aid in language learning. In this category you will find applications that can help you.
  • Portais e ComunidadesHere you can find links to other language communities, link portals, forums, and chats.


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