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In addition to a traditional text-based chat, UniLang also has a voicechat. The voicechat is an ideal platform to practise your pronunciation live with others. Our voicechat allows multiple people to come together in a chatroom. As there are generally few people in the voicechat, as opposed to the text-based chat, it is recommended to schedule a voicechat session in advance (using the forum or the text chat). That way, you can be sure there are enough people to participate and you won't find yourself in an empty room.

Below you can see the status of the voicechat. Note that to participate, you will need to download and install some software, as explained further down this page


In order to be able to connect to the voicechat, you will need a specific program. The software we use is called TeamSpeak 2 and it is available for Windows and Linux. Note that to prevent our server from being abused for gameplay, we were forced to set a server password. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Teamspeak 2 Client from the TeamSpeak website
  2. Install the package you just downloaded.
  3. Run the program, choose "Connection" and then "Connect"
  4. Right click on the empty list and choose "Add Server"
  5. Fill in the correct data as in screenshot below
  6. Enter the following server password:  The password is only visible for registered users. Please log in first